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Nikitin Yuriy Aleksandrovich, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of history
and historical philosophy, Institute of philosophical education and science, National Pedagogical University named after M. P. Dragomanov (9 Pirogova street, Kiev, Ukraine), 

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Background. Demographic and urbanistic processes that take place in modern Ukraine by its significance and measures remind the changes that occurred in the Russian Empire and were the results of the reforms of the second half of the ХІХ century. Today it determines the necessity of studying the factors that influenced the migration processes, changes in the number and the structure of urban population that would allow us to forecast and change some of them. The purpose of the work is to analyze some factors that influenced the dynamics of changes in the number and the structure of population in Kharkiv province.
Materials and methods. Implementation of research tasks was achieved through the usage of documents from the State Archives of Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Special place belongs to the great number of published documents: The first general population census of the Russian Empire. 1897 Kharkiv region; Russia. Complete geographical description of our Fatherland; Geographical and Statistical Dictionary of the Russian Empire; Kharkiv calendars and Commemorative books of Kharkiv province in different years. Methodological potential includes the comparative historical method, application of which allows to compare the level of demographic and urbanization processes in the cities of Slobozhanshchina; the statistical method, importance of which is obvious for data analysis related to the changes in the urban population of the Kharkiv province.
Results. The basic factors that affected the urban population changes of Kharkiv province were studied; the peculiarities of urbanization processes within the studied region were examined. The article highlights the key activities of the urban population, the interdependence between the living standards of the citizens and the pace of economic development of human settlements in the second half of XIX century.
Conclusions. Studying the dynamics of the urban population allows us to determine irregularity of market relations extension in the Russian Empire in the second half of XIX century, set the basic factors that influenced the changes in the number of urban dwellers, identify new areas for further studying of the scientific problems. 

Key words

Kharkov province, reforms, cities, migration, population. 

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